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Tuscaloosa Pediatrics

Family-Focused Medical Care for Children

At DCH Health System, we take pediatrics personally, because we recognize how the entire family is affected when a child is sick, injured, or living with a chronic medical condition. Our board-certified pediatricians recognize how children are not just smaller versions of adults. Children need specialized care for their specific needs appropriate to their developmental level: physically, emotionally, and psychologically, from birth through adolescence.

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Some pediatricians serve as primary care physicians to children, meaning they are the first stop parents take their children for general medical care, like vaccinations and routine checkups. At DCH Health System, we have pediatricians with experience in a wide variety of pediatric subspecialties, including:

  • Neurology treats nervous system disorders
  • Neonatology is the treatment of premature infants
  • Otolaryngology treats children with ear, nose, and throat conditions
  • Immunology focuses on the treatment of childhood food and environmental allergies, as well as autoimmune disorders
  • Cardiology treats childhood heart conditions
  • And much more

Promoting a Healthier Future for the Next Generation

Pediatricians are uniquely qualified to check a child’s growth, including their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It’s a good idea to find a pediatrician before the birth of your child, so they can begin their wellness visits right away. Your child’s pediatrician can meet with you to discuss your family’s medical history and to make a care taking plan for your baby’s first few days and weeks at home. Make sure you ask any and all questions during your baby’s routine wellness checkups with their pediatrician and mention any changes you’ve noticed since the last appointment.

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