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North Harbor Pavilion

North Harbor Pavilion

The Leading Psychiatric Facility in Tuscaloosa

Since 1992, the Northport Medical Center has been a vital part of the DCH Health System. North Harbor Pavilion, located on the Northport Medical Center Campus, houses our psychiatric treatment facility. Here, patients receive skilled, compassionate psychiatric treatment from highly trained mental health professionals. At North Harbor Pavilion, we serve adult and geriatric patients, who begin their assessment in the Northport Medical Center Emergency Department to determine if admission to our facility is warranted.

Our outcomes measurement team may contact you or your loved one 45 days after discharge from North Harbor to assess the impact of the treatment provided. North Harbor measures the positive impact of our treatment program by using standardized assessment tools and by comparing ourselves to similar programs around the country. We also closely monitor our satisfaction scores to ensure we offer the best care possible.

A note about confidentiality: North Harbor Pavilion staff members fully comply with all state and federal confidentiality rules. That means we do not have permission to speak with family members or other loved ones until we are lawfully authorized. We understand your interest and concerns, and the treatment team will work with family members or other loved ones whenever possible.

How Loved Ones Can Get Involved

We strongly encourage our families to communicate directly with our treatment team. Your involvement can help us better understand the difficulties your loved one is facing. You can help us gain insight by providing us with the patient's history and information about past experiences.

Phone calls and visitation are worthwhile for patients, because it helps them feel connected to and supported by his or her family during treatment. These phone calls and visits can reassure you that your loved one is in good hands. After your loved one leaves North Harbor, you can help by encouraging him or her to participate in follow-up appointments and take medications as prescribed. Lastly, you can improve your family member's long-term recovery odds through regular contact and by communicating any questions or concerns to the treating physician.

To learn more about North Harbor Pavilion, ask your physician, mental health professional, or call us at 205-330-3838.

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