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Fayette Medical Center Emergency Department: Blake & Noah Thompson

One afternoon Blake’s children were playing in the creek at the back edge of their property. Blake’s son, Noah, was bitten several times on the foot by a cottonmouth snake. Noah was rushed to the Emergency Department at Fayette Medical Center. Learn more about his story.

NICU/DCH CPR Training Program: Jasmine Jones & Rawlings

  • DCH’s educational CPR training program “Just in Time” helped Jasmine save her baby’s life. Rawlings (her son) was in the NICU for 11 weeks. Jasmine was at DCH every day caring for him as much as she could. Learn more about her story.

  • Breast Cancer: Elizabeth Baldo-Downs

  • Elizabeth Baldo-Downs was treated for breast cancer at the Lewis & Faye Manderson Cancer Center. Learn more about her story.

  • COVID: Pam Pierson

  • In October of 2020, Pam and her husband Larry were admitted to DCH with bilateral COVID pneumonia. Learn more about her story.

  • Heart: Dee Chambers

  • No one wants to have an emergency while away on vacation, but that’s exactly what happened to Dee. Learn more about her story.

  • DCH SpineCare Center: Scott Ridings

  • Scott had three neck surgeries and two back surgeries to address pain caused by a degenerative disc disease. The SpineCare Center treated Scott after each surgery. Learn more about his story.