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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Breast Cancer: Elizabeth Baldo-Downs

On a routine mammogram, an abnormal lymph node triggered a series of events: a follow-up ultrasound, the finding of a spot on Elizabeth’s breast and her diagnosis of cancer. Elizabeth’s research led her to Dr. John Crew at DCH. Multiple times she was told that he was the best doctor for her treatment. At her first chemo appointment, Elizabeth recalls she broke down in tears, “I was terrified. Nurse Jo came in, held my hand and cried with me.” Elizabeth knew, in that moment, she had made the right decision to have her cancer treatments at DCH. Through multiple rounds of chemo, care and compassion were shown to her at every visit. Elizabeth shares she “never felt rushed” with Dr. Crew and “trusted him completely” with her care. He assured Elizabeth that her treatment plan and advice is the same he would tell his mother or sister if they were in this situation. Because of the kindness and compassion of the DCH staff, Elizabeth gives back to other Lewis and Faye Manderson breast cancer patients. She makes Bags of Hope containing products free of harsh chemicals and includes a hand-written note of support and encouragement in each bag. Elizabeth feels the team at DCH saved her life and the empathy shown to her along the way made all the difference. Elizabeth cheerfully pays it forward to others battling breast cancer. Watch her story.

COVID: Pam Pierson

In October of 2020, Pam and her husband Larry were admitted to DCH with bilateral COVID pneumonia. They were separated during their treatment. Nurse Debra went out of her way to help them communicate with one another and was understanding of Larry’s mental stress caused by his pre-existing Alzheimer’s condition. Pam longed to comfort him but was undergoing her own care. Debra went above and beyond showing compassion – sitting with Pam and offering emotional support and encouragement during this difficult time. Debra’s wisdom and kindness set Pam’s mind at ease during their hospital stay. Following Larry’s death, Pam recalled Debra’s words of advice that again comforted her as she began to move through her grief. Even now, long after Debra cared for them, Pam says, “Nurse Debra is my DCH angel.” Watch her story.