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Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

The medical oncology department at the Lewis and Faye Manderson Cancer Center is a vital component of our cancer program. In addition to oncology services, the Manderson Cancer Center's medical oncology department also specializes in the treatment of nonmalignant blood disorders such as anemia.

Dedicated medical oncologists lead our professional staff. Our nurses hold national certifications in chemotherapy/biotherapy administration from the Oncology Nursing Society. On-site oncology-certified pharmacists allow for safe handling of chemotherapy, as well as patient convenience and effective interaction between physicians and nurses administering medications. We also offer an on-site lab where lab work is drawn and results reviewed by the physician, enabling prompt treatment of the patient. Additional services include a registered phlebotomist and medical technologist/hematology specialist.

In the medical oncology department, patients receive chemotherapy and antineoplastic treatments in an outpatient setting. We also provide supportive therapy, including intravenous fluids, blood products, growth factors, antinausea drugs and antibiotics. The use of these drugs has significantly reduced many of the common side effects associated with chemotherapy, making outpatient treatment a more positive experience for patients. Most of our patients continue to carry on with their normal activities, such as work, hobbies, church and social interactions.

Some patients will receive their treatment in our Infusion Suite. Patients will find a warm, friendly environment designed for patient comfort and privacy when needed. Patients can relax in recliners, watch television, visit with other patients and staff and move around the area freely. Our staff understands that cancer is a personal and emotional experience. They are always ready to meet the needs of the patient, whether that is to provide education, hold a hand or simply listen.