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I'm Having Surgery

I'm Having Surgery

What time should I arrive for surgery?

The time given to you by our Surgery Scheduler is the time you should arrive. If this time changes someone from our office or DCH hospital will call you.

Surgery and Procedure Reschedule, Cancellation, and No-Show Policy

West Alabama Urology Associates is privileged to provide surgical treatment options for our patients. This requires careful planning and coordination among our office, the surgical facilities, and other medical specialists who may be involved in your care such as the anesthesiologist and surgical technicians. The cancellation of a scheduled surgery results in failure to serve other patients as well as disruption in schedules for other healthcare professionals and the operating room.

Preoperative Information (Before Surgery)

You may be instructed to come to our office for Pre-Admission Testing prior to your surgery. Some of you may not be required to do so. Our Surgery Scheduling Coordinator will talk to you regarding pre-admission testing. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IN ITS ENTIRITY.

Bring a list and/or the bottles of ALL medications you are currently taking, including any over-the-counter medications and supplements to your PAT appointment.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your scheduled surgery.

If you should get a cold, run a fever, or get sick before your surgery you will need to call our office at 205-759-7878 to discuss rescheduling.

If you are having one day surgery (outpatient) and will not be admitted into the hospital after your surgery you will need to have someone come with you to drive you home.

If you are on any of the following medications you should stop taking them 7 days prior to your surgery date unless instructed by your WAUA physician:

  • Aspirin or any medication that contains aspirin!
  • Persantine
  • Ticlid
  • Alka Seltzer Effervescent Antacid & Pain Reliever (regular flavored, extra-strength, or “Plus” Nighttime cold medications)
  • Anacin
  • BC Powders and Arthritis Strength BC Powder
  • Ascriptin
  • Bayer or 8-Hour Bayer
  • Brilinta
  • Bufferin
  • CAMA Arthritis Pain Reliever
  • Ecotrin
  • Empirin
  • Excedrin
  • 4-Way Cold Tablets
  • Measurin Tablets
  • Midol
  • Mobic
  • Momentum Muscular Backache
  • Motrin (ibuprofen), Advil, Aleve, Nalfon, Naprosyn, or any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (also known as NSAIDs)
  • Relafen
  • Norwich Aspirin
  • Sinus Inlay-tabs
  • Vanquish (Glenbrook)
  • Vitamin E tablets
  • Xarelto

If you are taking anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as Heparin, Lovenox, Coumadin, Aggrenox, Plavix, Xarelto, Brilenta, or Predaxa, please call our office 205-759-7878 and ask to speak with a nurse.