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CJP Testimonials

CJP Testimonials

Eddie's Story

“I’d been having trouble with my knees. I started traveling with my work and after a plane ride I could barely stand up. So, I decided it was time to get something done.

I went to the boot camp with my wife. They told him everything to expect, prepared me well. The surgery went just as expected and according to schedule. Therapy and the prescriptions were just right.

I was told to wait six months before having the second knee replacement. I was ahead of my therapy schedule and went to work eight weeks after surgery. Had my second surgery earlier than expected. My experience was the same. Everything went very well.

During and after surgery the pain control was excellent. Therapy was excellent. It was hard, but I was up to it.

The dedicated unit was great! They were in tune to exactly what I needed.

The service I received at the hospital was very good, second to none.

I’m doing fine now with no restrictions. I’ve had other friends who had knee replacement and I’m far ahead of them.

I would recommend the Joint Program at DCH. I received excellent service throughout the process

My knees are like I’m in my twenties.”

Eddie Davis
Moundville, Alabama

Gene's Story

“I’ve had trouble with my knees for several years. And the last time I had them scoped the doctor told me I’d be back but the next time it would be for artificial knees next time. He was right.

I’ve had two knee replacements in less than a year and I’m very satisfied. It was an excellent experience.

The classes before the surgery were a little long but very helpful. I took lots of notes and they were worth the time.

Therapy went very well. I had three young men help me with my therapy and they were great. They were a hoot! They did a super job!

The dedicated unit was really good. Everyone was in it together. It was good being with other patients who had the same surgery and the staff knew exactly what they were doing. People marvel I did so well. I had bone-on-bone and now I can jog. I’m 72 years old and I did great! I should have done I sooner.

If DCH won’t please I don’t know where you will find comfort. I wouldn’t shop for a hospital if DCH was available.

My knees are the best part of me now.”

Gene Cashion
Hamilton, Alabama

James' Story

“I was having trouble with my knees and was told I had to have knee replacement. The pre-surgery classes made all the difference in the world. Someone from each department talked to us and told up exactly what to expect. They used models to explain what they were going to do in surgery.

I had a positive attitude and it paid dividends. The designated unit made all the difference in the world. It was very nice having everyone together. And the aftercare was excellent. In fact, I carried them a CARE package afterwards to thank them for such great care.

I had the first knee replacement in February and the second one in July.

Everyone was very very good. They took care of me and my wife. I was out in a couple of days and driving in seven days. My knees don’t hurt, and I can do anything I want to do. I can even run with my grandkids and out run all of them except the thirteen-year-old.

Everybody was very nice. I’ve told everybody, I couldn’t have had a better experience. I’ll tell everybody you get the best care right here. Don’t go anywhere else.”

James McJenkins
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lena's Story

“I had a meniscus tear and arthritis in my knee. My knee surgery went very well. I had no problems. Boot camp was very helpful. The unit was very good. Therapy was good, and aftercare was excellent. They called regularly to make sure everything was okay.

Within two week’s time I was up walking. The staff was very good. I was very pleased. I’ve had no problems. I would recommend it to anyone. I would recommend DCH because I had such success with my surgery.

I don’t have that pain. I’m doing very well.”

Lena Watford
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dr. Lee's Story

“I started having trouble with my right knee and then the left one shortly after that. I had arthroscopic surgery but eventually needed knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced in May and my left knee in August. My brother had his right knee replaced the same time.

I was treated great! I went to the Bootcamp both times. It was well organized, and I received very valuable information.

The designated unit was very good. It makes you feel like you are being treated special. The care was superb. The therapy was excellent!

The aftercare was great. They called regularly to follow up with me.

I’m doing well. A little stiff but doing good. I can do anything u want to do. Work in the woods, chop wood. I’m doing great!

The staff couldn’t have been better. Everything, it couldn’t have been better.”

I would strongly recommend DCH for anybody. I got excellent care. They were great!!!”

Dr. Lee Thomas
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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