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Delivering your discharge prescriptions to your room before you leave the hospital

Once patients are discharged from the hospital, they want to head straight home, without stopping at their local pharmacy for discharge prescriptions.

The Meds-to-Beds program at DCH Regional Medical Center makes that possible. The service provides discharge prescriptions to patients before they leave the hospital. The service is provided to patients through the Pharmacy in the DCH Medical Tower.

Program Benefits

Convenience: Our service eliminates the need to stop at a pharmacy on your way home.*

Financial Assistance: DCH’s experienced pharmacy staff will work diligently to reduce the financial impact to any patient needing help.

Faster Prescription Approval: Some medications may require prior approval from insurance companies. Our trained team gains approvals in a timely manner with our efficient process.

Patient Education: Our staff can provide phone consultations to educate patients about their prescriptions or answer any questions.

*Patients have the right to choose any pharmacy for their prescription services. Our pharmacy delivery service is offered as a convenient service to patients and their families.