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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery in Tuscaloosa

Computer-Assisted, Detail-Oriented Robotic Surgeries with a Human Touch

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive technique that provides your surgeon a magnified, 3-D view of the surgical site. This helps your surgeon operate with exacting precision, flexibility, and control when performing complex, intricate procedures in small areas. Robotic surgery is especially helpful for gynecologic and urologic surgeries.

Robotic surgery offers the following advantages over traditional surgical techniques:

  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Fewer complications
  • More rapid healing because of smaller incisions
  • Little scarring

WHAT IS THE da Vinci Xi?

The da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system is the most advanced robotic surgery platform in the world. This computer assisted system gives surgeons the ability to perform delicate surgeries with greater accuracy than ever before.

The da Vinci surgical system allows surgeons to perform operations through tiny openings – often the size of a dime. The surgeon remotely controls the robotic arms, which hold the surgical instruments, through hand and foot motions. As the surgeon moves his or her hands, the da Vinci surgical robot mimics these movements, translating them into real-time.

While the surgeon sits in a nearby console, a surgical team is on hand near the patient at all times.

With the robotic system, the surgeon is in complete control, making all of the decisions.


With four overhead-mounted arms that connect into specific ports within the machine, the interactive da Vinci Xi surgical system gives surgeons unparalleled control, as well as full anatomical access to the patient from virtually any position.

The arms within the da Vinci Xi system hold surgical instruments, as well as a high-tech camera. With its high-definition, three-dimensional vision system, the robot allows the surgeon to see with greater magnification, enhancing specific details during complex procedures that might otherwise be obscured in open surgery.

Additionally, the da Vinci Xi allows the camera to be placed on any of the different arms, allowing multiple views of the operating field.

Each of the da Vinci Xi’s long instrument shafts, with their jointed-wrist design, can rotate a full 360 degrees. This gives the surgeon a greater surgical reach, and its small, thin arms allow for greater maneuverability.


Surgery with the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system is minimally invasive, offering distinct advantages over open surgery. Among the advantages of this micro-surgery are:

  • Shorter hospitalization times
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Faster recovery time
  • Smaller incisions, resulting in a reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring


With the da Vinci Xi surgical system, incisions are minimal. This leads to fewer complications from surgery, and speeds patient recovery. It also helps to minimize post-operative discomfort, particularly in comparison to open surgery. Da Vinci Xi helps surgeons help patients, giving them their lives back more quickly than ever before.


Robotic surgery can be used for many different types of procedures, including the repair or removal of organs, as well as the removal of tumors. The da Vinci Xi surgical system can be used for:

Gynecological procedures, such as hysterectomy, endometriosis resection, surgery for urinary incontinence, treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, and removal of uterine fibroids;

Urologic procedures, including removal of the prostate, removal of kidney tumors, bladder surgeries, removal of lymph nodes as part of cancer surgery, and other reconstructive surgeries;

General surgery procedures such as surgical resection of the large intestine, gall bladder removal, surgery on the stomach or esophagus, hiatal hernia repairs, and surgery on the spleen;

Bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery.


Do you need surgery?

Talk with your surgeon and find out if the da Vinci Xi surgical system is right for you.

This type of minimally invasive surgery offers shorter recovery times, less trauma to your body (and scarring), fewer complications (including infection), and less pain during and after surgery. Your doctor can determine if robotic surgery is appropriate for your situation.

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