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Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery in Tuscaloosa

Innovative Surgical Methods Available Close to Home

In medicine, surgeons utilize lasers for a higher level of precision in performing minimally invasive techniques that focus on a small area. Because laser surgery causes less damage to surrounding healthy tissue, patients often experience more rapid recovery times due to less pain, swelling, and scarring associated with traditional surgery. By using these special light beams instead of surgical instruments like scalpels, the laser light can treat body areas that are often difficult to access.

Laser surgery may be used to:

  • Treat cancer, by destroying tumors, polyps, or growths
  • Remove kidney stones
  • Improve vision
  • Treat back nerve pain

Is Laser Surgery Safe?

Lasers were first developed in the 1960s and have many indications. Since then, newer laser modifications have been utilized to treat various skin lesions and diseases. Some health or skin conditions can be aggravated by laser surgeries, and if a patient is in poor overall health, it increases their risk of complications. Before undergoing laser surgery, make sure to talk to your doctor about the expected risks and benefits of laser surgery.

Risks of laser surgery are similar to the risks of traditional surgery, such as bleeding, infection, pain, scarring, and changes in skin color, as well as risks associated with general anesthesia.

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