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DCH Physical Rehabilitation is home to the only Lymphedema clinic in West Alabama. Our nationally certified lymphedema therapist evaluates and creates customized plans to treat lymphedema and help patients achieve their functional goals. Lymphedema therapy services include manual therapy, elastic tape therapy, therapeutic exercises and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

Lymphedema is typically a chronic disease process that causes increased fluid accumulation and swelling, usually in the extremities. It can be primary or secondary in nature. Cancer survivors are commonly at a higher risk for developing lymphedema, due to surgical and procedural interventions or the removal of lymph nodes.

Common symptoms of lymphedema include heaviness or sensation of fullness in an extremity or body region, hot or burning feel in the arms or legs, tightness of clothing, as well as frequent infections (cellulitis) in the involved extremity. Whether these symptoms occur suddenly or over time, responding to signs quickly and receiving appropriate care greatly improve the effectiveness of treatment. Learn more about lymphedema here.

Lymphedema Therapy treatment is focused on decongesting the involved limb(s)to:

  • Promote increased mobility
  • Improve skin integrity
  • Improve strength
  • Improve self-image

For more information about Lymphedema Therapy available at DCH Physical Rehabilitation contact us at (205) 759-7860 to speak with our Program Coordinator.