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Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed Program

The Swing Bed Program at Fayette Medical Center allows your physician to "swing" your level of care from an acute level to a rehab level while keeping you in a hospital setting. Should you require acute care again, you can return to a unit that provides acute care. The purpose of the Swing Bed Program is to give you more time to recover and gain your strength before leaving the hospital.

The staff of our Swing Bed unit will work with you to improve your overall condition. We have a skilled nursing staff working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with activities of daily living, administer medications and/or treatments and help you use the skills learned in the Swing Bed Program.

Our program's goal is to help you gain strength, functionality, balance and range of motion you need to care for yourself at home. This goal is achieved through rehabilitative therapies, attentive nursing care, and medical supervision. You receive therapy based on your individualized plan to meet self-care goals set by you and the Swing Bed team. Your team meets weekly, or as frequently as needed, to discuss goals and discharge plans based on your needs.

Each patient makes progress based on individual medical needs and rehabilitative potential. You may be referred to home health or rehabilitation services for additional therapy to help you attain long-term recovery goals. This may include learning how to use devices and assistance equipment properly, learning exercise techniques you can use at home, and learning preventative measures that reduce the risk of falls or injury.

To qualify for admission to the Swing Bed Program, you must meet the criteria for Medicare and have a minimum stay in acute care of 3 nights, or you must have approval from your insurance provider. Swing Bed care is covered by Medicare, Medicare HMOs, or private insurance plans. Each has its own criteria for the program. A Care Manager will review your coverage with you prior to transferring to the Swing Bed Program.

Let us help you reach your individual goals and improve your daily living. For more information, please call (205) 932-1213.