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Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa

Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa

Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa, operated by Noland Health Services, is a 27-bed specialty hospital, commonly referred to as a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH), on the fourth floor of DCH Regional Medical Center.

Long-term acute care hospital creates an additional level of care for a patient with special medical needs. By creating an LTACH at the Regional Medical Center, patients will not have to be moved to hospitals in Birmingham or other nearby cities to receive the care they need.

While located within the Regional Medical Center, in accordance with Medicare requirements, Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa is a separate legal entity of The Lloyd Noland Foundation, Inc., which does business under the name Noland Health Services.

Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa, sometimes called a hospital within a hospital, is recognized by Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) as a hospital that generally provides diagnostic and medical treatment or rehabilitation to patients with chronic diseases or complex medical conditions whose average length of stay meets or exceeds 25 days.

Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa has a separate governing board, chief medical officer, medical staff, and administrator appointed by Noland Health Services.

Noland Health Services is the largest provider of LTACH services in Alabama. It is a not-for-profit organization located in Birmingham dedicated to providing hospital services and senior housing that promote enhanced quality of life for the elderly and chronically ill. It is the largest LTACH provider in Jefferson County and the sole provider of LTACH services in Central and West Alabama.

For information about the Noland Hospital Tuscaloosa, call (888) 363-9693.