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Program Purpose, Mission & Student Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose, Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


The purpose of the program is to provide educational opportunities in the radiological sciences to members of the communities supported by the sponsor.

Mission Statement

The DCH School of Radiologic Technology is committed to prepare students to be competent, entry-level radiographers, and provide high quality health care professionals to any medical community.

Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduate students with the professional skills necessary to perform competently in the clinical setting.

Student Learning Outcomes

a. Demonstrate positioning skills necessary to achieve a diagnostic radiograph in the laboratory testing setting.

b. Demonstrate skills necessary to complete required competency in clinical areas.

c. Graduates will demonstrate skills necessary to produce quality diagnostic radiographic images.

d. Students will competently identify diagnostic quality images and correct non-quality images accordingly.

e. Students will practice and demonstrate proper radiation protection for their self, patients and others.

Goal 2: Provide students with opportunities to develop and then acquire problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

a. The student can determine the need to modify standard procedures to accommodate patient condition and other variables.

b. The student can recognize emergency patient conditions.

Goal 3: Graduate students that will demonstrate values and ethical behaviors of a radiographer.

Student Learning Outcomes

a. The student will apply the values and ethics of a radiographer.

b. The student will provide compassionate care to all patients.

Goal 4: Graduate students that will practice effective communication skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

a. The student will communicate effectively.

b. The student will be able to obtain a pertinent history and educate the patient about the procedure.