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Coronavirus Update and Health System Preparations - 6/1

Coronavirus Update and Health System Preparations - 6/1

Testing and Confirmed Cases
In the following update you will see the number of COVID-19 positive inpatients has declined since last week. It is important to note that the persons under investigation (those inpatients awaiting a COVID-19 test result) have gone up and when results come back it is likely that some or many of them will be reclassified as COVID-19 positive inpatients. The current delay in results is, in part, due to supply shortages for in-house testing. DCH is currently relying on external labs until more supplies come in (likely later this week).

To protect patient privacy, DCH has established a minimum threshold of five for reporting numbers of inpatients with laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19.

DCH internal counts as of 3:20 p.m. on 6/1/20:

  • 69 inpatients are being treated for COVID-19.

  • 21 inpatients who are positive for COVID-19 are being treated in the ICU.

  • 10 who are positive for COVID-19 are on ventilators.

  • 691 (cumulative) have tested positive for COVID-19 including individuals from the ED, triage tent and inpatient. These individuals are not necessarily in the hospital.

  • 7,449 (cumulative) have tested negative at DCH sites.

  • 132 inpatients (cumulative) who were positive for COVID-19 have been discharged.

  • 36 inpatients (cumulative) who were positive for COVID-19 have died at DCH.

covid graph

Also included is a chart showing the percent positive among those tested at DCH locations. This chart reflects totals by the end of each day (except today).

covid graph

Heat Maps

Many have asked for additional details on where people have come from for testing. Today we are including two heat maps to help provide some additional insight. Darker colors indicate more cases on both. Both maps are populated based on the individual’s stated county of residence.

The map on the left shows only those found to be COVID-19 positive through DCH testing. The map on the right shows where all individuals have come from (in Alabama) for testing at a DCH location, regardless of the outcome. Percents were not overlaid on the second map because they would have been too small to read.

covid graph