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Wear a Mask or Face Covering

The protective properties of commercially-made masks are tested and documented. Therefore DCH is striving to maintain a supply of commercially-made masks for those providing care to patients known to have or are suspected of having COVID-19. Suppliers continue to send what they can but the current usage rate is about five times what is coming in. At the current rate, DCH will run out of surgical masks in about 20 days.

Those who come to DCH for an appointment, Emergency Department care, or as a visitor (if one of the few visitor exceptions allowed) are asked to bring and wear their own face covering. DCH staff not in contact with patients will also be asked to provide their own face covering or wear a mask as many days as possible until it becomes soiled or damaged.

Masks made from medical-grade sterilization fabric are being used in certain patient care areas and are regularly sterilized and reused. Additionally, DCH has been distributing community-made masks to employees in non-clinical areas. There continues to be a need for both types of masks and DCH is tremendously grateful for the community support, it has helped.