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Wireless Internet Access at DCH Regional Medical Center

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What is it?
DCH Regional Medical Center now offers no-charge wireless (WiFi) access to patients and visitors in a number of areas of the hospital. This access is ONLY available in areas that are currently serviced by our wireless network, mainly patient care areas. Public areas like the lobbies and cafeteria are not set up for wireless access.

How do I connect?
You will need to set up your personal computer to access our public wireless network. The ssid for the wireless internet is dchpub.

What am I able to do?
The internet access will be restricted using the current management policy, which is open for most sites except sexually explicit or high bandwidth usage sites. In addition to content filtering, we limit the maximum bandwidth that can be used to 1.5MB, which is nearly equivalent to DSL. The speed will also depend on how many users are accessing the wireless network.

What do I do if I need help?
We wish we had the resources to offer help and assistance with this service if you can't connect or experience problems. Our limited technical staff have to remain focused on supporting our employees and our business. Please understand that we cannot take time away from this support to help the public with wireless internet.

We do have an information number you can call to see if the wireless network is experiencing problems as a simple way to help you determine if the problem is with the network. The number is 5400.

Good luck, and happy wireless computing!