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DCH Recognizes Latest DCH Excellence Award Winners


Daryl Phelps and Amy Dozier are the most recent recipients of the DCH Excellence Award. Nominations for the Excellence Award may be made by an employee of the Health System, volunteers or physicians. The award is based on an employee’s performance, attitude, dependability and dedication.

Daryl Phelps, Information Technology
Daryl started his career at DCH as our senior database administrator and excelled in that role. When his team manager was tapped for active duty military service this past year, Daryl was asked to assume that role and he did so without hesitation. Daryl excels in the areas of personality, leadership and knowledge. He is always considerate of others. From one-on-one conversations to team meetings, Daryl always treats everyone with respect and dignity. He has also done an amazing job keeping this team on track and maintaining the high level of excellence that he inherited. His team has maintained its reputation for being fast and efficient, and the team’s morale has been maintained at a very high level. Daryl donates his time outside of work by participating in various activities, including filling food boxes at the food bank, teaching Junior Achievement classes and supporting its fundraisers and sending cards to and visiting homebound church members.

Amy Dozier, Fayette Medical Center Outpatient Clinic
Amy Dozier is a patient registrar for the Fayette Medical Center Outpatient Clinic. She is consistently mentioned in patient satisfaction surveys for being helpful with the registration process. Amy is known to take initiative to handle issues as they arise, and is proactive in setting up appointments and referrals for clinic patients. She is a resource that many of the clinic's patients rely on for efficiency, kindness and compassion. She approaches her job with empathy and a willingness to help others. Her positive attitude is a great example for all DCH employees. Amy has volunteered her time in the past to Fayette County Relay for Life activities, often hosting and participating in  event fundraisers. She was also a key person in a t-shirt fundraiser to benefit the Fayette Medial Center Foundation.


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