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DCH Recognizes Latest DCH Excellence Award Winners


Betty Jones and Brandon Owens are the most recent recipients of the DCH Excellence Award. Nominations for the Excellence Award may be made by an employee of the Health System, volunteers or physicians. The award is based on an employee’s performance, attitude, dependability and dedication.

Betty Jones, Nutritional Services, DCH Regional Medical Center
Betty has been employed by DCH for 28 years, and has always demonstrated compassion for patients, the highest level of integrity and the ability to hold staff accountable without compromising DCH values. She is a true "ambassador" to the community. When you making patient rounds, Betty has a unique, caring approach that immediately makes the patient and family members feel at ease. She constantly demonstrates the ability to handle delicate situations, do service recovery and make the patient feel special in our care.

Brandon Owens, DCH Home Medical Equipment
Brandon is a delivery technician for DCH Home Medical Equipment. Patients have commented that is always willing to help anyone in need. He is extremely helpful to our patients. He has helped patients make room in their homes for medical equipment. Brandon is kind and understanding with patients during a time of need. Brandon has been complimented by patients for being very efficient, knowledgeable and an asset to DCH. He is compassionate, caring and has a special place in his heart for those with special needs.

Jones and Owens join seven other DCH employees who received the DCH Excellence Award in 2017.

Theresa Dumpson, Long Term Care, Fayette Medical Center
Theresa is both highly motivated and efficient. Her presence is one of enduring calmness, rationality and goodwill in the face of mounting turmoil. No matter the length of a resident’s stay at Fayette Long Term Care, Theresa ensures each one feels involved and valued in our community. When she saw a need to collaborate with local activity and social service staff from other long-term care facilities, she reached out to the Alabama Nursing Home Association to help facilitate it. Her dedication led to her being named the activity and social services director of Region Nine.

Stephanie Grimes, MICU 1, DCH Regional Medical Center
Stephanie builds the team with encouragement and leads by example. She brings fresh eyes to leadership. Stephanie is helping to streamline the process for education and orientation for our new nurses. She always volunteers to help orient new staff or precept nursing students and collaborates with others to help educate current staff. Stephanie is known as a calming influence during emergencies. She helps with staffing issues, volunteering to swap shifts or take extra shifts to fill holes in the schedule. She looks at the schedule to make sure there is strength on every shift.

Darryl Joiner, Materiels Management
Darryl can always be seen with a smile on his face and an uplifting attitude. He is kind and compassionate with every person he encounters. He always offers to give a hand to others when he sees the opportunity, no matter what he is doing. He exemplifies our I Care principles. Darryl and his family moved to Tuscaloosa after Hurricane Katrina displaced them in 2005. They started a new life in Alberta, but lost their home in the April 2011 tornado. Despite these life challenges, Darryl has raised a family, rebuilt homes and constantly inspires others by his ability to not be defined by his past.

Wanda Nichols, Human Resources
Wanda is a valuable resource for employees. She not only answers your benefits questions, she does the legwork for employees, which helps eliminate stress. She always follows up to let employees know when she has taken care of an issue. Wanda makes employees feel very comfortable when talking to her. She is tireless in her efforts to handle issues for employees. She makes employees feel like they can depend on her. That security makes a difference, especially when it comes to the health of our employees or a loved one.

Karen Patterson, Respiratory Care, DCH Regional Medical Center

Karen, a 24-year employee, has helped bring newer procedures to the hospital by assessing needs, ensuring best practices and filing investigation reports. She has attended training for these procedures, including physician training courses to ensure that she can provide excellent help. Karen addresses care as a whole, making sure that patients are comfortable and that all their needs are met. Karen projects a warm, cheerful attitude toward patients. Her co-workers find her to be dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual. She always tries to lift the spirits of others.

Sarah Steele, Registration, DCH Regional Medical Center
Sarah is self-motivated, intelligent and relentless in getting things done. She adapts her responsibilities to meet the needs of our patients. Our physicians often send procedure requests directly to Sara because they know she will not stop until the procedure is approved. She recently worked tirelessly to gain approval for an MRI that had initially been denied. The MRI showed a mass, and the patient was referred to the Manderson Cancer Center. Sarah’s hard work and compassionate heart truly exemplifies an excellent employee.

Melissa Woolbright, Respiratory Care, DCH Regional Medical Center

Melissa is compassionate, caring, willing and able to assist all with whom she comes in contact. She began her career with DCH in 1998 as a registered respiratory therapist in Respiratory Care. Since then, Melissa took the initiative to be cross-trained in respiratory and special procedures at both DCH Regional Medical Center and Northport Medical Center. She strives to be excellent at everything she does and refuses to settle for less. She has so much compassion for her patients. She goes "outside the norm" to care for them.




























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