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DCH Names First PHIL Award Recipient

DCH Names First PHIL Award Recipient

David Miller Receives First PHIL Award at DCH

The award recognizes outstanding respiratory therapists.

David Miller has been named the first DCH recipient of the PHIL Award. DCH is one of only three hospitals in the state to give the award.

Miller, respiratory NICU/pediatric coordinator for both DCH Regional Medical Center and Northport Medical Center, was chosen by a committee which reviewed several nominations.

He started working at DCH in 1996 at Northport Medical Center where he provided respiratory care in the ICU, ED, NICU, PACU, Rehab and North Harbor Pavilion. In 2015, he moved to his current role. He is responsible for providing education to the NICU respiratory therapist but also helps educate other adult care RTs. In addition, he assists with educating RNs in the NICU on respiratory care.

Miller is a board-certified respiratory therapist with various credentials including CRT, RRT and NPS (certified respiratory therapist, registered respiratory therapist and neonatal pediatric specialist, respectively).

Martina Smelley, an RN in the NMC NICU, nominated Miller for the award. “David has never let us down. He has coordinated in-services and classes to help all of us better understand the equipment and respiratory processes needed to take care of our smallest of patients.

“David is humble and kind-hearted. [He is] never one to seek the limelight, but is always the one you want on your team, especially when things get tough. He isn’t given enough credit for the care he provides for his patients and team members. I feel that if anyone deserves to be recognized and rewarded for all the years of selfless service, the care, the compassion, the reliability and the steadfastness that he brings to the table, it is this respiratory therapist.

“I know it is going to be a good day when I see he is assigned to our unit. Thank you for all you do every day. You make our jobs easier. We all can depend on you to always do the best job every day to help us take care of our smallest of patients.”

The PHIL Award™ (Pulmonary Health & Illness of the Lungs) is the only nationally recognized hospital-based program that honors respiratory therapists. This award was established by the FACES Foundation to recognize outstanding respiratory therapists who provide care and treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses.

Recipients are nominated by patients, their family members and other caregivers/co-workers. The award will be given annually at DCH in October.