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Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights


DCH Health System Audited Financials
Salaries & benefits $266,760,063
Supplies, utilities and other costs $218,904,569
Interest $2,643,659
Depreciation $31,494,508
Total Revenues $544,675,754
Total Expenses $519,802,799
Reserve for the Future Operations*** $24,872,955
DCH Health System Patients By Payor
Blue Cross 22.08%
Medicaid 12.78%
Medicare 47.52%
Other 11.50%
Self-Pay 6.12%
Free Care/Tax Dollars Received
Free Care $40,228,026
Sales Tax Received $6,106,313

The complete audited financial report is conducted in accordance with the hospital audit guide produced by the Department of Examiners or Public Accounts and is a public document available for inspection in the office of the Tuscaloosa County Circuit Clerk.

Medicare pays the DCH Health System for its patients on a rate for diagnosis, regardless of the length of hospital stay or services provided. Medicaid pays DCH Health System a fixed amount per day for each of its patients up to 16 days per year, regardless of services performed. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama pays the DCH Health System a fixed amount per day for each of its patients, regardless of services performed. The hospital is not allowed to collect the difference from the patient.

*Cost for Charity Care + Bad Debt= Free Care
(Does not include contractual discounts for Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)

**Charity and bad debt (charges) for DCH Regional Medical Center, Northport Medical Center and Fayette Medical Center.

***As a public, not-for-profit organization, the DCH Health System maintains any excess revenue in a reserve for future use, including the addition of new technology and services, and ensuring competitive wages and benefits for employees.