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Admission Process

Patients who are unable to perform normal life functions, and who show potential for improving are considered for admission to the DCH Rehabilitation Pavilion. Many of our patients have recently undergone surgery, been diagnosed with stroke, multiple trauma, spinal cord injury, neurological impairment, or have complex medical issues that require an acute hospital rehabilitation. Patients are admitted by referral from a medical physician. To begin the referral process, please contact your medical physician.

Admission Process

Once patients are referred to the Rehabilitation Pavilion, a pre-admission assessment is given by an Admissions/Care Coordinator to determine if patients need the admission criteria based on Medicare and commercial insurance guidelines for medical necessity. This assessment includes an accomplished chart review and patient/family interviews.

Patients must meet the following criteria to be a candidate for admission:
  • Require treatment from a multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment team
  • Require, and be expected to actively participate in and benefit from, intensive rehabilitation therapy (3 hours a day, 5 days a week)
  • Be stable enough to actively participate in the rehabilitation program
  • Require rehabilitation physician supervision
  • Have a reasonable expectation of measurable, functional improvement or adaption to impairments
  • Be able to follow simple commands
  • Have a discharge plan or caregiver


Admission criteria is based on Medicare and/or commercial insurance guidelines for acute inpatient rehabilitation admission. Coverage for admission is determined on a case by case basis. All insurances are accepted based on individual coverage listed on your policy. Stated benefit on your policy does not guarantee acute inpatient rehabilitation admission. Please check with your insurance provider to determine if benefits for inpatient rehabilitation services are part of your individual policy coverage. Precertification is used to determine justifiable admission for rehabilitation and may take 24 to 48 hours for determination by your insurance provider.