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Resident Responsibilities

The program allows the flexibility to select activities which will complement the resident’s background and career goals. Residents will develop expertise in each of the following areas of pharmacy practice: acute patient care, ambulatory patient care, drug information and drug use policy development, and practice management. Rotations are typically one month in length and are structured to provide a solid, fundamental experience but are flexible to meet the training interests of individual residents.      

Additional Responsibilities:
  • Completion of a longitudinal research project with presentation at the Southeastern Residency Conference
  • Presentation of one ACPE accredited CE program for pharmacists/technicians
  • Deliver a pharmacotherapy topic presentation to the University of Alabama’s Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Complete the pharmacy practice experience (decentralized staffing) 4 shifts every 28 days
  • Presentation of a critical review of a primary literature article
  • Assist with recruitment of future residents