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Option 1: If you already have access to the MyDCH Patient Portal, you will receive a notification via email that you have new results available in your portal account, once test results are available.

Option 2: If you did not provide your email address during this visit, you may still request MyDCH Patient Portal access. Here are the steps.

Click here to begin your MyDCH Patient Portal access request.

  • Review the text detailing the required information and click on "Ok, Let's Go!"

  • Select "Regional Medical Center" and follow the prompts providing the requested information for verification.

  • For purpose of request, documents requested, etc., select "Other" and enter "portal access". You must use the current date for the date requested field.

  • You will be prompted to upload a copy of your ID or provide a photo of it through use of your smartphone.

  • Once you have completed the request, your request will be forwarded to DCH staff for the remainder of your account set up.

  • These requests are generally completed within 24 hours of submission, Monday through Friday.





Please note, due to the high volume of tests being taken, it may take between 7 to 10 days for testing results to be received from the Alabama Department of Public Health.