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Are you looking for a way to better both yourself and the community? Why not  e a member of the DCH Volunteer Services? Becoming a volunteer at DCH Health System allows individuals the opportunities to practice new skills, meet new people and give back to the community. Whether you are interested in working on the main floor or amidst the different wings of the hospital, becoming a volunteer at DCH is sure to make you feel the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the community. In addition, DCH is glad to work with you in order to create hours that suit your schedule.

There are three different volunteer programs offered at DCH: Adult, College and Junior.

Adult Volunteer Program
    Year Round 
    Offers an array of jobs that match your skill sets 
    Social, friendly environment     

College Volunteer Program
    Year Round    
    Looks great on resumes! 
    Opportunities to meet other students with similar interests     
    Flexible with your schooling 
    Learn new skill sets 
    Explore career options 
    Teaches responsibility and trust 

Junior Volunteer Program (No longer accepting applications for Summer 2018)
    Summer Only 
    Learn new skill sets 
    Teaches the importance of responsibility 
    Looks great on college applications! 
    Early experience results in increased independence


We hope that you make the wonderful decision to join our DCH Volunteer Service team! To become a volunteer, call Volunteer Services at (205) 759-7174, or e-mail Rebekah Wilkinson  

Job Shadowing
The DCH Health System does not offer shadowing opportunities to members of the general public. Due to federal, state and accreditation standards, individuals who have access to DCH patients and their information must have an official relationship with DCH. Such individuals include  

  • Employees

  • Volunteers

  • Students affiliated with a school or college with whom DCH has an official relationship

These individuals complete an orientation about applicable regulations and sign an agreement to follow them. Their supervising practitioner must also sign the appropriate forms acknowledging responsibility for the shadowing individual.