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Acute Care
Telemetry monitoring is provided on all acute care units. Most of these units specialize in certain disease processes or in the support of specific provider groups. Our acute care units are as follows:
Surgical Units
General Surgery
Bariatric Surgery

Medical Units
Hospitalist Group Patients
Pulmonary Diseases
Acute Stroke/ Neurological/Stroke
Renal Disease/Diabetics
Progressive Care (Northport Medical Center)

Cardiovascular Services

Critical Care (Adult)
Critical care services are provided in four different units at DCH Regional Medical Center and Northport Medical Center. Our critical care units are:
Acute Cardiac Care
Cardiac Surgical
Medical Intensive Care
Trauma Surgical Intensive Care

Emergency Department/Trauma


DCH Regional Medical Center provides Trauma Level III emergency services in Tuscaloosa where 79, 875 patients were seen during fiscal year 2014. The Emergency Department at Northport Medical Center is classified as a community emergency department, and treated 45,070 patients during fiscal year 2014.

Women & Infant Services

DCH Regional Medical Center is home to a 16-bed pediatric unit.

Surgical Services

Spinecare Center

Behavioral Medicine (North Harbor Pavilion)

Home Health

Clinical Resource Team