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Workers' Compensation & Industrial Services

DCH Physical Rehabilitation provides customized services based on your individual needs. We offer specialized, credentialed staff, progressive therapies and individual attention to each client and each patient. We also facilitate a vital communication link between the worker, physician, employer and others involved in the treatment and resolution of injuries.

Work Injury Management Services
Prevention Services
Other Services
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Work Injury Management Services

Trained professional staff – DCH Physical Rehabilitation offers timely treatment of acute injuries by professionals specially trained in industrial rehabilitation. Our industrial team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified hand therapists, certified ergonomist and a case manager

Reconditioning Program - Our work-hardening and reconditioning program helps each patient make a seamless transition, as appropriate, from the acute-injury phase into a program specifically designed to relate to the actual physical demands of his or her job.

Multidisciplinary Teams - Our case manager works to provide continuous communication and facilitate team work between the client's employer, their case manager, physician and physical or occupational therapist.

Functional Capacity Evaluations - Relating entirely to the physical demands of the injured worker's job, functional capacity evaluations enable the treatment team to determine quickly if the patient can return to his or her job and to identify functional areas for improvement.

Prevention Services

Injury Prevention Education - Skilled instructors go on-site to teach management and employees strategies for injury prevention. Classes are customized to incorporate machines, equipment and tools used at a company.

Functional Job Analysis - Jobs can be analyzed to identify physical demands, which can then be incorporated into functional job descriptions. Functional job analysis can also help companies modify jobs to reduce injuries.

Pre Work Screenings - Prior to the start of employment in high-risk jobs, employees' physical abilities can be screened to simulate specific job tasks. Pre work screenings are done in addition to the employee's physical exam.

Other services

Outpatient physical and hand therapy
Aquatic therapy
Pre and Post surgical interventions
Treatment of cumulative trauma disorders

At DCH Physical Rehabilitation, our goal for each client is closure, returning the employee to work, finding solutions to ongoing problems and meeting workplace challenges.

Sharon Smelser
Workers' Comp Case Manager

For more information about how DCH Physical Rehabilitation can help solve workers' health care challenges, e-mail our Workers Compensation Case Manager, or call (205) 750-5516.