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At DCH Physical Rehabilitation, we understand that work-related injuries and treatment affect production and the employer’s bottom line. That is why our goal for every injured worker treated is closure – returning the employee to work, finding solutions to ongoing problems and meeting workplace challenges. We realize that communication between the worker, physician, employer and others involved in patient care is vital to the success of the employer’s risk/injury management programs. DCH Physical Rehabilitation offers a full array of services to help employers address injuries before they occur.

Injury Prevention Services

Injury Prevention Education
Experienced instructors provide on-site training to teach management and employees strategies for injury prevention. Classes are customized to incorporate machines, equipment and tools used at a company.

Functional Job Analysis        
Jobs tasks are analyzed to identify physical demands, which can then be incorporated into functional job descriptions to improve hiring practices. Functional job analysis may also identify possible job modifications to help prevent work related injuries.

Pre-Work Screenings 
Prior to the start of employment in high-risk jobs, employees' physical abilities are screened to simulate specific job tasks. Pre-work screenings are done in addition to  performing an employee's physical exam.

Work Injury Management Services

Trained professional staff    
Professionals across multiple specialties who are experienced with industrial rehabilitation function as a team to provide timely treatment of acute injuries and communicate with all parties.  A dedicated Case Coordinator maintains ongoing communication with all parties.

Reconditioning Program       
Work-hardening and reconditioning programs are designed to seamlessly transition an injured worker from the acute-injury phase to a job specific program based upon actual physical demands of his or her job.

Functional Capacity Evaluations      
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive assessment of an injured worker’s ability to perform specific tasks related entirely to the physical demands of his/her job.  An FCE allows the treatment team to quickly determine if the worker can return to the job and also identifies functional areas for improvement.

For more information about Worker’s Compensation and Industrial Services available at DCH Physical Rehabilitation contact us at (205) 759-7860.