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Employee Assistance Program

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At DCH EAP, we believe in the power of a one-on-one relationship. That's why we're one of the few EAPs in the country that directly provides counseling and other services to employees with problems affecting them and their families.

Most other EAP programs operate on a phone or referral basis without ever establishing a personal relationship with clients. These programs send clients to Web sites for information about their problem, but put up roadblocks to seeing a living, breathing counselor.

Some businesses must think these Web-based or phone-based programs save money. We disagree. DCH EAP's direct service model is more effective. Because we take the time to build a personal relationship, our clients come to trust us as we help them deal with their issues and grow beyond them. Employees benefit by achieving a work-life balance and resolution to life issues. Employers benefit by knowing their employees can focus on their job. Everyone benefits, because effective programs like the DCH EAP are proven to reduce medical costs.

Our clients can see us by appointment, which they schedule at their convenience. Our clients don't have to contact a third-party for a referral, and they'll probably see the same EAP professional at each visit. Likewise, our direct-service model provides a well-equipped staff for dealing with emergencies and crises directly, without the need of a referral or other roadblocks to assistance. This kind of service just isn't available with referral-based EAPs.

All of our EAP staff are licensed and have received additional, specialized training and credentials to enhance their expertise in working with individuals and families with particular problems.

DCH EAP is located in Wellington Towncenter, just off McFarland Boulevard. Our location is easily accessible and designed to provide our clients and their families a feeling of comfort and confidentiality.

DCH EAP. The power of a one-on-one relationship.