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Fayette Medical Center

General Information 


1653 Temple Ave.
Fayette, Ala.

(205) 932-5966

Donald Jones

A sense of duty and responsibility for the health care of the people of Fayette County and the surrounding area prompted Dr. B.W. McNease to build a hospital in 1936. The commitment made by Dr. McNease has been honored by those who have followed him. Today Fayette Medical Center continues to serve Fayette County with a wide range of health services. Fayette Medical Center consists of a 61-bed hospital and a 122-bed nursing home. Fayette Medical Center, located in Fayette, Ala., has been under a lease agreement with DCH Health System since 1984.

Fayette Medical Center features a five-suite surgical department and a large, centrally monitored recovery area.  In addition to general surgery and advanced endoscopic procedures, weekly eye surgery and orthopedic surgery are performed by surgeons from DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa. Click here for a list of physicians who practice at Fayette Medical Center.

Fayette Medical Center provides acute medical care on our patient units. For patients who need a little more time in the hospital to recover from an acute illness, the Swing Bed Program helps patients continue to get well after an illness has been treated.

The Radiology Department is equipped with an in-house three-dimensional CT scanner and an MRI. Patients have access to nuclear medicine, ultrasound with cardiac Doppler, angiography, mammography, bone densitometry and fluoroscopic equipment. A mobile PET/CT scanner is on site for appointments the second and fourth Fridays of every month.

The Laboratory is fully equipped to perform extensive testing in the areas of chemistry, bacteriology, hematology and blood banking. A complete Respiratory Department houses the pulmonary functions lab, blood gases, cardiac stress testing equipment and Holter monitoring.

The hospital has an eight-bed intensive care unit. There is also a portable non-invasive pacemaker, which can be used in the unit or during transport. Monitoring is available on the medical/surgical area. The Emergency Department is staffed full-time by physicians.

Rehabilitation Services
include physical, occupational and speech therapy. These services are provided in our Outpatient Clinic located at the corner of Temple Avenue and 15th St. NW.

Specialty Clinics at Fayette Medical Center

Fayette Medical Center offers residents of Fayette and the surrounding areas, a number of health care services, including specialty clinics in cardiology, oncology (cancer), urology, orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology (eye), otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), nephrology and rheumatology. Click here for our specialty clinic schedule.

2018 Statistical Review

Patients admitted 
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Emergency visits
Surgeries (cases)
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Licensed beds, nursing home

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Source: DCH's report to SHPA's annual survey