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Pickens County Medical Center

General Information

241 Robert K. Wilson Dr.

(PO Box 478)
Carrollton, Ala. 35447-0478

Phone: (205) 367-8111

Administrator: Wayne McElroy

Pickens County Medical Center is a 56-bed county owned hospital located in Carrollton. The facility provides inpatient and outpatient services, including surgical services, an intensive care unit, therapy services and imaging services. The Pickens County Hospital Association, a public board, owns the hospital. Pickens County Medical Center is one of the largest employers in the county. With more than 300 employees, this local healthcare facility has a positive impact on the local economy.

In 2002, the DCH Health System entered into a management agreement with Pickens County Medical Center. Through the management agreement, DCH Health System provides an administrator to oversee the hospital’s operations. Pickens County Medical Center reimburses DCH for the administrator's salary and benefits.


We will improve the quality of life in our community through a health care system of people caring for people.


We will be the best rural health care organization in the nation.


Quality:           We continually improve in everything we do.    
Service:            We reach out with compassion and concern.
Respect:           We honor the dignity, diversity and worth of all people.
Integrity:          We act responsibly, honestly and ethically.
Community:     We cultivate relationships that inspire us to serve.

Specialty Clinics at Pickens County Medical Center

Pickens County Medical Center offers residents of Pickens County and the surrounding area a number of health care services, including specialty clinics in cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, oncology (cancer), ophthalmology (eye), podiatry (foot), orthopedics and dermatology.

2012 Statistical Review

Patients admitted
Patient days 5,652
Average length of stay (in days) 5.55
Emergency visits 12,051
Outpatient visits 26,012
Surgeries 869
Licensed beds 56
Employees 277 
Doctors on staff 16

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Source: DCH's report to SHPA's annual survey