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Mental Health (North Harbor Pavilion)

Northport Medical Center
2700 Hospital Drive
Northport, AL  35476
(205) 330-3000

North Harbor Pavilion is a 54-bed acute care psychiatric facility located on the campus of Northport Medical Center. As West Alabama's premier psychiatric facility, North Harbor offers an attractive, comfortable environment in which patients are able to begin their recovery.

North Harbor provides comprehensive inpatient psychiatric care for adults suffering from a range of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Separate units are provided for psychiatric intensive care, general adult psychiatric care, high risk patients and geriatric patients with special needs.

Adult Psychiatry
Our professional staff is dedicated to providing therapeutic interactions with a structured program, including process and educational groups, recreational therapy, individual therapy and assistance with discharge planning needs. North Harbor's staff created a "Being Well" workbook that is given to patients at orientation. This workbook is designed to encourage self-responsibility and education, with a focus on crisis intervention.

Geriatric Services
Senior adults sometimes experience mental impairments unique to the elderly. North Harbor provides these patients with a comfortable and caring environtment, with recreational therapy designed to meet the needs of elderly patients.

Psychiatric Intensive Care
North Harbor's psychiatric intensive care unit is for individuals suffering from more severe mental impairments, such as suicidal thoughts, psychosis or mood instability. Patients in our intensive care unit require intensive staff supervision and continuous observation.

High Risk Unit
North Harbor's High Risk Unit is a specialized unit designed for patients considered at higher risk for harm to self or others. Patient safety is a priority, and our high-risk patients are under constant observation by our staff, and the unit is continuously assessed to be free of any harmful objects. Patients will have a structured schedule of groups and activities in a calm, non-threatening environment.

Observation and Assessment
North Harbor's staff assesses psychiatric patients that present to the Emergency Department at Northport Medical Center, once they have been medically cleared. Patients are given a thorough evaluation by qualified staff to determine their need for inpatient admission, 23-hour observation or discharge with outpatient follow-up.

Professional Staff
The health care professionals at North Harbor are dedicated to providing the highest quality patient are possible. Our health care professional team includes:

  • Board Certified Psychiatrists

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Masters level Social Workers

  • Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Recreational Therapists

  • Certified Mental Health Nurses, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Patient Care Assistants

  • Other health care professionals

Referrals for Admission
North Harbor works with several psychiatrists who have admitting privileges with our facility. Patients may be admitted by:

  • referral as a direct admission from their psychiatrist's office.
  • assessment of admission through the Emergency Department at Northport Medical Center.
  • referral by other physicians, mental health centers or hospitals. It is necessary for these referrals to be accepted for admission by the psychiatrist on call.

North Harbor does not have a program for substance abuse rehabilitation, but can be resource to provide patients with information on other treatment programs available to meet their specific needs.

Continuing Care After Discharge
Along with a dedication to the highest quality inpatient care, the staff at North Harbor strongly feels that our patients also need the on-going assistance of mental health professionals once they are discharged. We work closely with outpatient community resources to establish appropriate levels of continuing care based on each individual patient's needs. Post-discharge care can range from follow-up appointments with an identified psychiatrist or mental health center, to home health services or specialized care programs.

Community Education
North Harbor's staff actively participates in providing education on mental health issues in the West Alabama community. The facility contains conference and meeting rooms for use by community organizations, such as support groups and mental health advocacy programs.

One of our highest priorities is to reduce the stigma related to mental health diagnoses and psychiatric treatment in order to reduce unnecessary suffering for those individuals reluctant to seek available care. The North Harbor staff participates in health fairs, educational in-services and public speaking events.

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