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The Pharmacy at DCH Regional Medical Center provides patients with quality medications and services. DCH Regional Medical Center offers an ASHP-accredited PGY1 Residency program based in hospital and ambulatory care practice settings. For more information on this program, click here.

DCH Regional Medical Center pharmacy utilizes the AU MEDS (Auburn University Medication Error Detection System) medication error reduction system created by Auburn University. Med Accuracy is a Kansas City based company that is dedicated to providing solutions and systems that increase patient safety and reduce medication errors and related healthcare costs. MedAccuracy is the exclusive provider of Auburn University's AU MEDS™ and AU BenchMeds™. The AU MEDS system is considered the Gold Standard for medication error reporting and tracking systems and was given an “A” rating by the Washington DC based Advisory Board.

Drug Safety
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) hosts a website (consumermedsafety.org) dedicated to alerting consumers of drug safety issues. ISMP is the nation's only nonprofit organization of pharmacists, nurses, and doctors devoted entirely to safe medication practices. Preventing medication errors is no longer just a responsibility for health professionals—consumers like you can also play a vital role. To visit the site, click here.

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