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DCH Regional Medical Center offers tours to better acquaint students of all ages with medical services and occupations. DCH believes introducing the public to the hospital promotes goodwill, serves as an effective educational tool and meets specific needs within the community.

The tours are designed to meet the desires and current education level of the groups participating. The tours are customized for individual groups because DCH recognizes the needs, constraints and interests of different ages. For elementary school children, becoming familiar with the hospital setting alleviates fears about the hospital and encourages them to learn more about the human body. Older groups of students, including adults, become acquainted with the broad range of services and professions that exist in a medical setting.

We believe that all groups, regardless of age, are important and deserve a quality presentation from the participating departments. The Communication Department will help ensure the quality of the tours and help keep the disruption to the department at a minimum.


Upon request of a hospital tour, the following information must be obtained by the Communication Department: group name, group size and age range, requested date and time of tour, specific goals of the tour based on the needs of the group.

The day of the tour, groups are met by a tour guide. The guide instructs the group of certain protocol within the hospital and discusses the tour schedule. The guide will accompany the group to each planned area and introduces the location to the group.

Upon completion of the tour, the guide escorts the group out of the hospital and the group is given age appropriate momentos.

Tour Areas Available

Please keep in mind when selecting areas that at DCH Regional Medical Center, patients are our first concern and that tour time may be limited due to varying patient census.

Pediatrics, Labor Delivery and Nursery (Maternal & Child Care Nursing Services)

This department provides nursing services as prescribed to meet maternity, neonatal and pediatric patients’ medical care needs. The nursing staff is involved in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the nursing care of these patients.

Materiel Management (3rd grade and above) This department is responsible for purchasing, inventory control, receiving/shipping, storage, supply dispatch/distribution, print shop, internal courier services and asset management to provide the supply support system needed for the facility.

Robotic Arm (Pharmacy) This is the latest in Pharmacy technology. ROBOT Rx is a centralized robotic drug distribution system that stores, retrieves and dispenses medications for patients in the hospital.

Nutritional Services The primary functions of this department are to provide for inpatients’ nutritional needs through therapeutic meal planning and education, supply management and food preparation.

Laboratory (Due to physical constraints of the area, class size may be limited for this area but other arrangements can be made if enough notice is provided.)

This area includes blood bank, chemistry, toxicology, cytology, hematology, histology, microbiology and pathology. Some “hands-on” experience provided in area.

Outpatient Imaging Due to patient constraints, tours of this area may vary. Possible areas available for tour include MRI, CT and Mammography area. Other types of x-rays are also performed in this area.

Human Resources The Human Resources Department provides employment opportunities for all positions throughout the hospital. This department is also responsible for ensuring competitive salaries and benefits for our employees. This is not a tour of the department but a speaker presentation. This program includes a short video and a question and answer period.

Information Services This department facilitates the processing of business, technical and medical data for administrative purposes, using electronic communication techniques and equipment, as well as devises new data flow and control procedures to simplify paper work and to achieve economy in the interest of hospital management.

Emergency Department

(Age constraint must be considered for this department.) This department provides treatment for acute illnesses and traumatic injuries that need immediate care. The department enables patients to see physicians for both urgent and nonemergency care.

If you would like to book a tour at the DCH Regional Medical Center, click here. We look forward to a visit from you.

CHOM Children's Hands-On Museum

(205) 349-4235

The Children's Hands-On Museum is a unique educational institution that exists to stimulate the curiosity of children, ages 2-12 years, about themselves and their place in the world. It provides high quality, interactive, entertaining exhitbits and programs designed to enhance children's understanding of community; the physical environment, the arts, the history, and the modern settings and their relationships. It involves parents, teachers, and others in participatory education.

To find out more about a tour of CHOM.

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