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Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Fayette Medical Center

Cardiac Rehab is a program designed to help individuals with heart disease recover faster and return to productive lives. The program typically lasts for twelve weeks, with three sessions per week.

During rehab sessions, each participant’s heart rate and rhythm are continually monitored, as well as periodic blood pressure checks. The department is staffed with a registered nurse and respiratory therapist, who are trained in advance cardiac life support. The RN Clinical Coordinator over the cardiac rehab program is an experienced cardiac nurse.

The cardiac rehab program consists of two major parts:

Exercise Training: Supervised classes allow participants to learn how to exercise safely and increase endurance. The exercise plan is tailored to meet the individual needs, ability and interests of each participant.

Education: Our cardiac rehab team offers participants educational counseling and support. Our team provides opportunities to learn more about heart disease, lifestyle modification, coping with stress and disease and ways to reduce the risk of future heart problems. Group support is a major benefit of cardiac rehab.

Physician referral is required to enroll in the Cardiac Rehab Program at Fayette Medical Center. For more information about the program, call (205) 932-1267.

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