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Laboratory Careers

Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist Medical Laboratory Technician
Cytolotechnologist Phlebotomist

Clincial Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist
Advancements in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease can often be linked to the work of Clinical Laboratory Scientists.  Working with pathologists and physicians, these medical technologists use precise methodology to develop data from human blood, tissue and fluid.  With this information, they can establish and monitor quality assurance and improvement, as well as discover new procedures to combat medical challenges.  Areas of concentration for Clinical Laboratory Scientists include Core Lab (Hematology and Chemistry), Microbiology, and Blood Bank.  A Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology is required.

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Increased public awareness of the need for early detection of all forms of cancer demonstrates that the work of Cytotechnologists has been worth-while.  A Cytotechnologist specializes in the science of early detection of cancerous cells.  With minimal supervision from the pathologist, the Cytotechnologist screens specially stained slides of human cells under the microscope, looking for minute abnormalities in cell structure that might be the first warning signs of cancer.  Most Cytotechnologists do their work in hospitals and private laboratories.  They also work in clinics, university medical centers, nursing homes and public health facilities. A Bachelor of Science is required.

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Proficiency with high-tech equipment, strong hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity are all characteristics of the Histologic Technician.  Histologic Technicians prepare slides of tissues for microscopic examination.  Often work must be done quickly and delicately while a patient is still in surgery.  By cutting and staining tissue for use on laboratory slides, The Histologic Technician becomes a vital part of the team that helps diagnose disease.  A Histologic Technician who completes a bachelor's degree or attends an accredited histologic technology program can advance to a Histotechnologist. 

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Medical Laboratory Technician
When you think of a person who does medical testing, you may not know that it really takes a whole team of professionals to make improvements in your health.  An important member of that team who works to detect, diagnose and treat disease is the Medical Laboratory Technician.  With the goal of medical advancement, these technicians perform tests and laboratory procedures.  Technicians may also prepare specimens, operate automatic analyzers, or
perform manual tests following detailed instructions.  An Associate in Medical Laboratory Technician is required.

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Whether you are donating blood at your local blood drive or being tested during a doctor's appointment, a Phlebotomist performs the task of drawing your blood.  Besides ensuring accuracy and safety, a Phlebotomist comforts patients and answers their questions.  The Phlebotomist is trained to collect blood samples and works under the supervision of the clinical laboratory scientist.  Training is typically on-the-job and is available when there is an employment need in a particular facility. 

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