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Direct Deposit Access Problems?

Direct Deposit Access Problems

If you have opened this page, you must be having access problems.  Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Make sure your browser is set up per these instructions.

Make sure you have the latest version of java by clicking here.

Unable to get past the first log in screen - screen displays red Logon Failure

        *    If you are using their employee ID #

                        1. Are you entering the 10 digits - must have 4 leading zeros

                        2. Are you entering the last 4 digits of your SS#

            Resolution: report to IS and we can check your setup

         *   If you are using your network username and password

                        1. Make sure you are entering as lower case

                        2. You must change the V-realm from Employee Login to SMB

            Resolution: report to IS and we can check your setup

What operating system are you running?
There are currently some known issues with Windows 7 64-bit, which the vendor is working to resolve.

What (if any) error messages are you getting?

Getting as much detail as possible would be a great help. For further assistance, please e-mail these details to ddnotice@dchsystem.com.


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