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Workshops & Trainings


Anger Management

  • what anger is
  • where this emotion comes from
  • how anger affects us
  • choices we have when we are angry

Preventing Violence in the Workplace

  • types of violence
  • profile of perpetrators
  • levels of violent behaviors
  • guidelines for dealing with angry employees/customers
  • handling terminations

Working Together as a Team

  • why use teams
  • successful teams
  • factors for success

Stress Management

  • in the workplace and at home
  • for care givers
  • use of humor
  • holiday stress

Leadership Development

  • characteristics of leaders
  • how personality influences the way we lead
  • methods for motivating and encouraging
  • communication strategies
  • importance of feedback


  • key aspects
  • "I" messages & "You" statements
  • active listening
  • assertiveness

Dealing with Difficult People

  • types of difficult people
  • barriers to communication
  • effective problem solving

Constructive Conflict & Confrontation

  • how to predict a problem situation
  • meeting conflict and disagreements head on
  • ways to repair damaged relationships
  • managing your anger and emotions

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

  • drugs and effects
  • addiction
  • how/when to get help
  • drug free workplace training

Identifying the Troubled Employee

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • other emotional concerns

Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • types of sexual harassment
  • hostile work environment
  • reporting a complaint
  • liability issues

Cultural Diversity Training

  • values - same and different
  • stereotypic messages
  • cultural norms and values

Customer Service

  • building rapport with customers
  • a winning first impression
  • the art of listening
  • dealing with complaints and angry customers

When People Grieve

  • in the workplace and at home
  • gender differences in response to grief
  • personal and professional situations
  • societal views

Aging Parents

  • assessing your parents' needs
  • family dynamics and distant caregiving
  • legal issues and financial considerations
  • community resources
  • managing the stress of caregiving

Adventure-based Training

  • group problem solving
  • activity-based team building exercises
  • non-classroom style activities (indoor or outdoor)


  • stages of change
  • coping with change
  • lessons from Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
  • methods of thinking positively about change

Compassion Fatigue/Secondary Stress

  • who is at risk
  • the cost of caring
  • symptoms of secondary stress
  • effects of secondary stress on professional and personal functioning

Shift Work:  Fooling Mother Nature

  • impact of shift work on the mind and body
  • preparing for shift work
  • recognizing potential problems
  • learning to manage unique working schedules

Time Management

  • time myths that create ineffective time management
  • how to recognize unproductive, unreasonable, and/or overstated thoughts associated with time
  • putting off procrastination
  •  "brain overload"
  • time logs

 * Other workshops can be developed to suit individual needs.

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