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Client Testimonials

The following are actual comments we have received from our clients. Due to confidentiality, we cannot attribute these comments to the clients who submitted them.

  • It is extremely helpful. I can see myself in a much better place down the road. Along my journey my outlook is improving and I am becoming stronger.

  • I'm not just being kind with my remarks. The receptionist showed compassion with my first phone call for an appointment. My counselor showed more than concern but a professional means to achieve my objectives in clinical therapy before chemical therapy.

  • You have been a big help to my business and me personally.

  • Thank God for EAP!  This has been the most wonderful experience, helping me through my most difficult time in life. J

  • EAP has definitely helped me with many of the issues I'm facing at home and at work.

  • I could not ask for or expect a better environment. Everyone is cordial, concerned - they are even beginning to know me by name.

  • The most valuable benefit offered by DCH!

  • This has been a very beneficial program and I feel the counselors are nothing short of fantastic.

  • I can't begin to explain what a valuable service EAP provides. These counselors should be commended for all they do. I will always be grateful for EAP services.

  • Although we've only just begun counseling sessions its great to be able to have someone to listen to some of what the problems are without having them tell me that I am wrong all the time.

  • This is a 1st class, top-notch agency. Staff is wonderful & professional. Thank you for everything!

  • Everyone has been professional and nice. I have received the confidentiality that I wanted.

  • My child was very upset and did not want to go to see the counselor. [Our counselor] was able to calm him, get him into play therapy, and he left smiling & ready to come back. Great job!

  • I am so thankful for the concern and kindness provided to us. I feel we have been given help and good advice that has been good ways of promoting my daughters self esteem and helping me work toward helping her as much as I can to see how much better we all feel when we are rested and in more of a routine. Thanks so much! 

  • I was very skeptical about coming due to the ease in joining EAP but I am glad my company joined. I was very comfortable & enjoyed the discussion with a knowledgeable indifferent party.

  • Coming to EAP for counseling has been one of the most positive experiences I've had in therapy.

  • My son has had 1 visit prior to this one and I see a remarkable difference on the positive side. I want to thank you so much for this service.

  • I feel so thankful that the university I work for had the foresight to establish this service, which has helped me immeasurably.

  • I'm very glad I have EAP as a benefit.

  • I'm so appreciative of these services. It's good to have someone's undivided attention. Thank you.

  • When I first called to make an appointment, the young lady took my concerns seriously and scheduled an appointment immediately - 2 days after I phoned!

  • I have been able to express myself without feeling restricted and I really want to thank EAP and staff for making my experience a rewarding one. Thank you!
  • [My counselor] helped my husband and I to achieve more effective communication and realign our mutual goals in a few sessions together. These services were very effective to help us improve our marriage relationship. Thank you.

  • For me, [my counselor] was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and offer me useable skills to reinforce my strengths and turn weaknesses into strengths.

  • My counselor has done more in a short time to help me than other professionals have in years. She shows concern, very professional, extremely knowledgeable and has literally saved my life.

  • This is a wonderful benefit for employees and more should take advantage of it. [My counselor] has definitely helped me climb back up the ladder.

  • Just being able to talk and feel heard helped so much and having a plan/assignment to accomplish between sessions also gives me an evaluation too! Thanks!

  • My sessions with [my counselor] have allowed me to take control of my life again. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Coming in was absolutely the best decision I've made. [My counselor] helped me see things in perspectives of success and ways of winning. She's very encouraging. I've actually referred someone to EAP myself.

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