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Additional Employee Benefits

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


The Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential counseling and referral service for all DCH employees and their immediate family members.  It is provided by DCH at no cost to employees.



Child Care

DCH has contracts with a number of local child care providers providing a discount and payroll deduction of child care expenses for DCH employees.


Credit Union


DCH Credit Union has full banking services available for employees and family members.



Employee Discounts


Discounts are available on in-house charges for employees; as well as emergency room and out-patient charges for employees and their immediate family members.


Meals are available for employees at a discount in the DCH Cafeteria.


There are many local businesses who also offer discounts to DCH employees.



Notary Public


Free notary services available on site.



Fitness and Weight Loss


Fitness One is located on the Northport Medical Center campus. It offers a discount on membership fees to DCH employees and the convenience of payroll deduction.


Back-to-Life is located at the DCH SpineCare facility. The fee is $45 per month for use of the gym and the pool. The initiation fee is waived for DCH employees.



ID TheftSmart


ID TheftSmart provides comprehensive identity theft safeguards, restoration services, a personal credit report and continuous credit monitoring.


The special price for DCH employees is $11.95 per month for single; $17.90 for employee and spouse.


To view the DCH Flexible Benefits Highlights Brochure click here.


For more information, call a Benefits representative in Human Resources at 205-759-7104.


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