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Financial Highlights (2012)

Operating Revenue (in thousands)
Charges for patient services
Sales Tax for Charity Care
Nonpatient revenue
Charges written off to Medicare
Charges written off to Medicaid
Charges written off to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama $301,699
Charges written off to other insurance companies $164,177
Charges written off to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield
and other insurance companies*
Collectible revenue $618,636
Operating Expenses (in thousands)
Salaries & benefits $243,466
Supplies, utilities and other costs $166,961
Interest $3,618
Charity Care** $90,294
Bad Debts** $60,977
Funds used for patient care $618,636
Total reserve contingency for 2011*** 5.01%

Note: The financial highlights above are presented in thousands. The actual numbers represent millions. The complete audited financial report is conducted in accordance with the hospital audit guide produced by the Department of Examiners or Public Accounts and is a public document available for inspection in the office of the Tuscaloosa County Circuit Clerk.

*Medicare pays the DCH Health System for its patients on a rate for diagnosis, regardless of the length of hospital stay or services provided. Medicaid pays DCH Health System a fixed amount per day for each of its patients up to 16 days per year, regardless of services performed. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama pays the DCH Health System a fixed amount per day for each of its patients, regardless of services performed. The hospital is not allowed to collect the difference from the patient.

**Charity and bad debt (charges) for DCH Regional Medical Center, Northport Medical Center and Fayette Medical Center.

***As a public, not-for-profit organization, the DCH Health System maintains any excess revenue in a reserve for future use, including the addition of new technology and services, and ensuring competitive wages and benefits for employees.